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Pogo April 20, 2009

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You know that Alice song/video? Pogo is the mastermind behind it (real name Nick Bertke). I didn’t mention it in the last post, because I wanted to give him a post for his own! You see, I checked out his youtube and last.fm page, and found a lot of other cool songs. I’m not usually into that kind of music, but this was really cool, ’cause he mixes these old movies in his music. Not only quotes, but also sounds that appear in the movie. You know Alice for instance? It’s 90% from the Alice in Wonderland movie! Cool, right? Check him out then!


Day & Age November 25, 2008

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Sooo, today I bought myself something nice. Like sugar and spice. The Killers’ new album “Day & Age”! Varga and I planned this “stunt” for three weeks ago (but it feels so much longer!), and now the day was finally here. You see, on Tuesdays we have photography all day. And we USUALLY get a task for the hole day, which USUALLY doesn’t take too long. So we just hang around and do nothing for an hour or something. So we planned that we could go and buy the album today (even though it got out yesterday), because it fit so well. But nooo, of course we had some stupid set up today. No tasks, and no one hour with nothing. But three hours with boring stuff in the photo-studio! Typ-i-cal! But Elaysi and I couldn’t wait ’til next Tuesday, are you crazy? So we ran down to mall during a 15 minutes break, bought it, took some pictures, haha

and then ran back again.

So now we have it. And you don’t! (Or do you?)
Anygays, when I’m on it, I’m going to dedicate this part to Elaysi. Because I bought the album with her. And I probably wouldn’t have bought it in such a hurry if she hadn’t been talking about it all the time :P Because she loooves them. Favorite band for shizzle-dizzle. And that’s cool-ity-cool. And I love the album, sooo, thanks Vargis ;D

I’m suprised Varga hasn’t written about it yet! I’m almost disappointed ! :O
(Check out her blogg! www.elisevarga.wordpress.com)

Human November 6, 2008

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It’s on youtube already!                                                                                                                                                                                                            Watch below, or click here.

Denser or dancer? November 6, 2008

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There has been much confusion and debate over a lyric in the chorus of the song “Human” by The Killers. This is regarding whether or not Brandon Flowers is saying “denser” or “dancer”, when posing the question “Are we human or are we denser/dancer?”

Some have said that the lyrics do make sense because “dancer” might be appealing to the “marionette” sense of the word, in which case the song is asking whether we are human and make our own independent decisions or whether we just dance in a show made by, and perhaps even made for, someone else.

On Amazon, the editorial review for the album states the song says “Are we human, or are we dancer?” and also says that Flowers said the lyrics were inspired by a disparaging comment made by Hunter S. Thompson about how America was raising a generation of dancers.
(Creds: briefinsights)

Anygays, I just saw their apperance on the EMA on MTV, and it was sooo good and sooo cool. Funky backround too! Wow, imagine being there.

The Killers 3

The Killers <3

Ever Since I Was A Little Girl? July 19, 2008

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You know that song “I’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you” by The Black Kids? In the verse they’re singing “You are the giiirl that I’ve been dreamin’ of, ever since I was a little girl(?!)”… Wait… Isn’t it a guy who’s singing? It could be a girl with a really dark voice, too… I haven’t seen the music video, so I can’t say. But I just checked out the lyrics to see what the vocal’s really singing, and it IS “ever since I was a little girl”! Oh well, the song is really cool and catchy, though.

Click on the picture to get to their site.

Click on the picture to get to their site.