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Waking up in Vegas May 8, 2009

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Shut up and put your money where your mouth is!

Really like this music video, it’s cool.


Change March 16, 2009

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Uhm.. lol?

This song kinda sucked.. :P

La La Land March 6, 2009

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I don’t know why, but I just saw the Demi Lovato music video “La La Land” again, just now. And.. I’ve never noticed that all of her co stars from the new Disney Channel series “Sonny With a Chance” appear in the video! (Maybe because the first time I saw the video, the series hadn’t started yet, but still!) Have you noticed that? (If you know what I’m talking about, that is)

Try to catch them all! (Hah, gotta catch ’em all, gotta catch ’em aaall –Pokémon!)