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Job hunt -again… February 3, 2009

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Aaah! Ah-ah-ah! Great.

I was at my second “interview” today. Or actually my first, since the first “round” in this get-the-job game seemed to be a pop quiz about music, movies and games (which apperantly everyone seemed to know about? Thanks for telling guys!) That was surprising and unexpected, but I obviously managed it, cause I came to the next “round”.

The next round was an interview. The one I was at today (yes, on my birthday. What a great way to celebrate it, right?). It went well. I must say, I was really nervous (cause I really wanted this job!!), but it went very well. The tention was relaxed, I was relaxed, and I felt like I answered the question correctly. At least I don’t regret any of them.

So deal for further actuation was to get a call within an hour. If you get it, you’re supposed to meet up for another interview tomorrow. But if you DON’T get it, you’re out.

I GOT a call. But I did NOT get the offer to meet again tomorrow. Now… I didn’t quite get that, I mean, wasn’t I supposed to NOT get a call? The man was like:

“Hi, this is (his name) from Platekompaniet. Now this will probably be a bit disapointing to you, cause I’m NOT calling to offer you another meeting tomorrow. But what we will like for you to do, is to try again next time. Cause you made a great first impression, and you seemed like a great girl. But there were many great applicants this time, so we feel like you’re not ready to be by yourself in our stores. But, like I said, we would really like for you to try again next time.” Something in that direction.

But why did they bother calling? They weren’t supposed to! Thank you for rubbing it in. Now that was just unnecessary, I mean, I felt like he was breaking up with me or something!

So… I’m not ready? BS, I say. I’m not going to point out why I’m not not ready. In other words why I AM ready. But really thought, it has nothing to do with that. It’s just another way of saying that I don’t have the experience that they’re looking for. SO THANK YOU FOR PROVING MY POINT (read)! I’m right back where my head was all along. I kind of thought that this could actually be the first ticket to the life of working experience.

Happy birthday to me, right?


Are YOU qualified? January 30, 2009

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It is so hard to get a job. It really, really is. I mean… Nobody wants a 16 year old student. -Obviously. Not that I’d be a bad employee (cause I won’t) or that I suck in school (cause I don’t), but it’s because I’m 16. Or that I don’t have “enough experience”. I understand that the people who’s hiring want someone with experience that may come handy. Like if you’ve worked at a store earlier, you would be more qualified to get the job at a new store than someone whom never worked at a store before. Because that person has more experience. I understand, I do. But how can you get to write on your resume that you have experiences working at a store, if you never get to work in a store, because you’ve never worked in one before!? Hmm… Let me try that again… Let’s take me as an example. I’ve worked as a papergirl for a year. That is basically my only “real” job, if you can even call it that. But I’m not sure you can, cause it doesn’t give you that experience most people want. “Hey, I was a papergirl, so I’m good at… walking and… looking at the paper’s front page a hundred times.” Eh, no. I also worked at a club-thingy for 5-7 graders, a little bit in a kinder garden, and done some little things here and there. You know, at my mom’s job and stuff. But that obviously doesn’t count for anything, cause I’ve never worked in a store, so I practically don’t have any “real” experience. But let’s say I applied for a job in a store for some months ago, to get more experience, and so I could write that I’ve worked there. But nooo, I didn’t have experience.


Aah, makes me so mad! Cause I “deserve” a job a lot more than some people I know. I mean, I know people who don’t care that much about school, don’t show up or respect their teachers, and do things on their spare time that can come in the way of your behaviour. I don’t do any of those things. I’ve always stayed in school, even done volunteering work. Several times actually. But for what? No one seems to care? I thought it was a good thing helping the school getting a better place because you care about how student’s everyday lives are. But that doesn’t make me qualified? I think so. Come on, you have to think that caring, wanting and doing is a lot more qualified qualities than “earlier experience” you just got because the owner of the store is your neighbour or someone you know. But again, I’m not the one giving the job away, so I can’t really change that, can I?

But I really need a job, and I actually really want one. Not just for the money, but also for the experience. Not only to the opportunities for more jobs, but experiences just for my own sake, you know? Learning about “the business life” or whatever. Learning about myself maybe. I don’t know, kind of hard to explain, I just really want a job. I think it will be good for me. And it would probably also satisfy my parents. But they’re not the only ones being tired of me asking them for money all the time, but I’m tired of it too. I hate to ask them for money, cause I ask them all the time (the world is expensive!). Ah, just hate it. You know, to walk up to them, both knowing what it is you want. It’s embarrassing in a way. So I’ve tried to not ask them lately, but that just ends up with me and no money at all. That’s logic, cause how would I get money if I don’t earn my own? My parents, right? But how can you earn your own money without involving your parents? By getting a job. But that’s the problem! You just need that first good job, and then you’re in. So just give me a job for God’s sakes! Give me experience, so I can move on with my life!