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Click on the link below May 27, 2009

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I also have another blog now (I know, I’ve tried them all!) But this one is a bit different, more personal. I think this one is getting a little bit too random. So this will probably be my Gossip Girl/The Hills/whatever blog from now on. We’ll see. But anyways, here it is:


And, oh, this one is in Norwegian.


Favorite TV shows January 20, 2009

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The most written-about topic on my blog appeared to be reviews of new episodes of my favorite TV shows, or my love for them. So I thought (since my views are getting better, which makes me feel like I have to write more often) that I could just make a short list of my favorite shows. I don’t really have anything special to write about today anyway.

So how about a top five, huh? Nice and quick.

1. Gossip Girl

Seriously? Wow, not like that’s almost the only thing I’ve been talking about lately or anything.

2. The City

Now when The Hills is over, The City’s what hot. And it just hit me. I can’t believe I haven’t even mentioned the show! I looked forward to it since November last year! So I’m making it clear. I love Whitney. She dresses so well, has this cool-cool job, and she’s sooo pretty (I love her hair, ha ha), and she’s so nice on top of it!

3. Ugly Betty

I’ve taken a recap of all the old episodes, and I forgot how fun it was! Ah, Amanda’s so cool :P

4. 90210

New drama, same zip code (oouh). The Beverly Hills-teenagers of today? It can’t get any better for this California dreamer!

5. Hannah Montana

Yes, I love it, OK? In fact, I love Disney Channel. And I’m (more than) kind of diggin’ on Miley, too. So I can’t wait ’til the movie comes out! Seriously. And when I’m at it, I can also tell that I love The Jonas Brothers (which means JOOOE), Selena Gomez and High School Musical. There!

Woah, that was a lot of confessioning at once. But on the other hand, now you know me better.

(These are my at-the-moment favorites, as I hope you get. I mean, FIVE? I could never pick a top five of all the shows I love. Or loved. I mean, I love That 70’s Show, for instance, but it doesn’t have any new episodes and stuff, so it has kind of faded away from my favorites. If you know what I mean.)

So now for the day’s question;

What are YOUR favorite TV shows?

Look-alike 5 January 12, 2009

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Get ready for my biggest look-alike ever! Look-alikeS to be correct.


This started when I googled Jenny Humphrey last week to get some pictures to my last post. And then the picture below came up:

Kaitlin Cooper and Jenny Humprey

So I thought, yes, Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl looks a bit like Kaitlin Cooper from The OC.

Now, I usually just “click myself” straight to the picture when I google (you know, no’t bothering about what page the picture’s from), but this time I thought I could check it out. And I found a hole bunch of look-alikes of characters from The OC and Gossip Girl. And I realized, yes that’s kind of true. Now, all of the look-alikes doesn’t look THAT much alike, but you can see some simulations between everyone. And one other funny thing is that many of the characters in this look-alike, have the same kind of role. Anyways, check them out! :D

Marissa Cooper vs. Serena Van Der Woodsen

Marissa Cooper vs. Serena Van Der Woodsen

Summer Roberts vs. Blair Waldorf -true!

Summer Roberts vs. Blair Waldorf -true!

Seth Cohen (3) vs. Dan Humphrey

Seth Cohen (<3) vs. Dan Humphrey

Ryan Atwood vs. Nate Archibald

Ryan Atwood vs. Nate Archibald

Luke Ward vs. Chuck Bass (3)

Luke Ward vs. Chuck Bass (<3)

Sandy Cohen vs. Rufus Humphrey (not so much)

Sandy Cohen vs. Rufus Humphrey (not so much)

Kirsten Cohen vs. Lily Van Der Woodsen

And now I find myself doubting if Jenny and Kaitlin ever were that much alike. I mean, HELLO AND OH MY GOD, Kirsten and Lily are sooo alike compared with them! Shit!

Random source: http://lindsayapproved.blogspot.com/ (but I didn’t find it again right away, but when I searched, I found out that a lot of others pages feel the same way).

GG S2E14 January 6, 2009

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Okay, okay… WHAT HAPPENED ON NEW YEARS?! Oh my God, I’m dying to know!

If you haven’t figured out what I’m talking about yet, it’s of course the latest episode of Gossip Girl. Yes Gossip Girl is love, pure love <3

By-the-way! I just have to share this. I’ve had it on my mind for a long time, I’ve just forgot to express it. Or something :P I DON’T LIKE JENNY’S NEW STYLE. Okay, it’s maybe too late to say it now, because her attidute was better today, but her attidute was also one of the thing about “the new her” that I didn’t like. I mean, suddenly, she just start getting rude, quit school, went to late night parties with old people, moved away from home and hated everybody. What happened to the sweet Jenny? (I guess that was the whole thing about her change, but anyways…) And that was only her new attitude! I mentioned her style. And oh yes, that was what I meant too. She just layed all her nice, colorful, cute dresses waaay in the back of her closet and start wearing all black. And dark eye make-up. She was suddenly all rock. And the most important, SHE GOT HERSELF A NEW HAIRCUT.


Likey? No-ey.

Anyways, GREAT episode! :) <3 (Feel like I’m using waaay too many capital letters today) And, oh, today’s question (yup, new thing):

What do YOU think about the new Jenny Humphrey?