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Wild Cheetah April 13, 2010

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Do you remember my post on Hilary Duff? (Read it HERE) Well, that was NOTHING!

You know The Cheetah Girls, right? I know they’re all done with Disney now but COME ON! What the heeell happened to this skank?

Disney can’t seriously allow this!? I don’t know how this works though, I mean, she’s probably out of their concract and all, but doesn’t she have any respect for where she started? OMG. This song would even be too honest for Lady GaGa!


What the heck happened to Hilary Duff? December 21, 2008

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Oh no, my dear Lizzie McGuire is growing up. But just because of the fact that she used to be Lizzie, makes the other fact that she can’t grow up :P Well, of course she’s like 20 (or something) now, but she can’t have videos like these (CLICK HERE). The whole melody and backround music is originally Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus”. It’s a really cool song. But I think it’s too early to remake it. Because Johnny Cash did that in 2002 and Marilyn Manson for just a couple of years ago. It’s obviously a popular song to remake, but like I said, it’s too early. And both Mr. Cash and Manson just remade the song. Cherished it in a way. Hilary (or probably not her, since she probably doesn’t write her own songs) just stole the melody and changed the lyrics into something else that just made it distasteful. OK, that was harsh.. And Manson’s music video is far more sexual than Duff’s. But that’s Marilyn Manson, you know. He’s allowed. And I guess he has a lot more to say in the matter. But Hilary Duff, I mean… “Reach out and touch me”. Hilary… Come on. You can’t be singing this while you’re touching yourself and having people in their underwear running around in your videos. You’re freakin’ Lizzie McGuire! Kids still love you and look up to you. And these types of songs don’t fit your childish voice anyway… And, haha, oh my God, that thumb-biting… Not your thing.

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