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Sparkling February 10, 2009

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Look! This was night to Monday. I couldn´t sleep, so I went to open the window. But it was so hard to get back to bed, because I didn´t want to leave the window. The view was so unreal, and the snow was sparkling! You don´t see it that well on the picture, but it´s just to give you an idea of it.

dscn6065 dscn6072


It’s snowing January 18, 2009

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Like reaaally snowing. Big time snowing.


Can’t see the snow falling on the picture, though. It’s from my web cam (through the window), so it’s not that detailed. But you can see that it’s white! But I don’t know how I feel about this. I was NOT snow during Christmas time, but it is NOW? In the middle of January?! What I like about snow is that it’s cozy and it gives me Christmas spirit. But now the Christmas’s over, so it’s kind of too late for snow.

How do YOU feel?