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Birthday girl February 3, 2009

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Hm… I don’t want to turn 17. Cause I don’t want to be 17. It’s a bit wierd, I know, I just… I just don’t want to turn 17 yet. It’s so… Not 16. And I liked being 16. But I’ll stop grumbling, I can’t do anything about it anyway.

BUT. Hey, it’s my birthday! That’s fun no matter which year you turn! And I had a great day (except that job interview-thing)! I brought some cake to school today to celebrate. Cause you know when every birthday kid used to bring cake/muffins/snacks for the class to enjoy on elementary school? Why did we stop that? That was so cozy, and definitely a tradition we should keep going, even if you turn 17, or 18 or whatever! You’re never too old for cake!

But someone wasn’t all smiles about me bringing cake. Elise. Vargis. “The moose”. But for all good reasons. You see, bringing cake to school was HER plan. She baked brownies for me last night! Aww, thanks moosie :)

And Camilla brought a muffin with a candle on it!

And some friends song the birthday song for me in the cafeteria, before I blew out the two (actually :P) candles on Elise’s brownies (which everybody loved btw!)

Aww, people are sweet :)

After school, Elise, Tina, Vicc, Elsie, Marthe, Ole/Kolbjørn/Coolbear/Collie and I went to McDonald’s (oh yes) to eat. Cause I was hungry and hadn’t eaten all day. Just cake. But we didn’t stay for long. We spent some time at Verdensspeilet (the mirror of the world, oooh), though, where we went for some milkshake. Yum!

And then I took the bus home, back into town again for that freaking job interview shitting crap, and you basically know the story from there. But the day in general was really good :) And as for dinner? Beef, noisettes and bearnais. Mmm, thanks daddy :)   – I would also take a moment to thank my parents for the lovely gift of a California trip this summer!!!! (They don’t read my blog, but in case they do, without me knowing of it, this will be the perfect closure)


Photos will be added later.


Operation Christmas spirit December 22, 2008

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Oh yeah, you read me. If the Christmas spirit won’t come to me, I have to drag it in. Somehow. So that’s what I’m doing. At least trying to. And now I’ve done about everything. I’ve been listening to Christmas music, eating Christmas snacks, drinking hot chocolate, buying Christmas presents, knitting, watching Christmas movies… I’ve even made my bed in my “Christmas sheets” (red silk) and put in my “Christmas pyjama”! So now it’s only one more thing I can do… It’s time to bring out “The Big Christmas Book”. That’s right. An entire book about Christmas. It’s so cozy and Christmasy. I hope it can help. Cross your fingers!


The bed in the Christmas sheets

The bed in the Christmas sheets

Oh yeah, it's silk. Here it looks purple, thought.. But it's not. It's red.

Oh yeah, it's silk. Here it looks purple, thought.. But it's not. It's red.

D <3

Candles. The big, white one there smells like vanilla :D <3

Comfy slippers that make your feet smell like an old gym sock.

Comfy slippers that make your feet smell like an old gym sock.


Drinking hot chocolate in my Christmas pyjama :)

Knitting a scarf to my cousine.

Knitting a scarf to my cousin.

"The Big Christmas Book" (Den Store Juleboken) <3

"The Big Christmas Book" (Den Store Juleboken) <3

But got to go, have to take a look at the book :) I also have to cover up the last gifts in Christmas paper, AND knit more on my cousin’s scarf (have to be finished by Christmas Eve).

– Bye bye for now, M