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Leighton Meester inspiration January 14, 2009

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Oh my, all the last posts have been about Gossip Girl or the people in it. But this isn’t really about Gossip Girl. But it’s about some pictures from a photo shoot with Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf). Because we’re having this photo-task at school where we’re supposed to take a picture of a person. A portrait. And I immediately knew how I could solve it (because how we do it is up to us). And I really like these pictures:

It’s a bit better than this, you know:


(No offence to my lovely model Elise Varga, but you see the difference? (That picture, and among others, was not that serious, though, but anyway).)

I guess you’re pretty careless when it comes to what I wrote about in this post, cause it didn’t really have that much meaning, but the main reason why I posted this, was so I can get a quick accession to the inspiration-pictures (so I don’t have to google and stuff at school tomorrow). But I thought it would look a bit wierd with just two photos of Leighton Meester (especially after all my Gossip Girl-talk, you would probably think I don’t have anything else to write about. Which is kinda true, though… But anways!), so I thought I could explain why I posted them :)

Yes-yes, off you go.


Day & Age November 25, 2008

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Sooo, today I bought myself something nice. Like sugar and spice. The Killers’ new album “Day & Age”! Varga and I planned this “stunt” for three weeks ago (but it feels so much longer!), and now the day was finally here. You see, on Tuesdays we have photography all day. And we USUALLY get a task for the hole day, which USUALLY doesn’t take too long. So we just hang around and do nothing for an hour or something. So we planned that we could go and buy the album today (even though it got out yesterday), because it fit so well. But nooo, of course we had some stupid set up today. No tasks, and no one hour with nothing. But three hours with boring stuff in the photo-studio! Typ-i-cal! But Elaysi and I couldn’t wait ’til next Tuesday, are you crazy? So we ran down to mall during a 15 minutes break, bought it, took some pictures, haha

and then ran back again.

So now we have it. And you don’t! (Or do you?)
Anygays, when I’m on it, I’m going to dedicate this part to Elaysi. Because I bought the album with her. And I probably wouldn’t have bought it in such a hurry if she hadn’t been talking about it all the time :P Because she loooves them. Favorite band for shizzle-dizzle. And that’s cool-ity-cool. And I love the album, sooo, thanks Vargis ;D

I’m suprised Varga hasn’t written about it yet! I’m almost disappointed ! :O
(Check out her blogg! www.elisevarga.wordpress.com)

Covershoot November 5, 2008

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Long time, no “see” people who aren’t here! :P WELL, today I have a lot of pictures, so you don’t have to read :) You see, we’re making a CD-cover at school, and a cover needs pictures. So I had a photoshoot to my album “Downtown” (check it out when it comes out in the future! :D) It was 170 pictures, so I can’t put them all out here. But here’s some of them! It was fun :)

Totally Simmed July 17, 2008

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It’s a holiday and I have a lot of spare time, sooo, this is kinda nerdy, I’ve been playing a lot of “The Sims 2”. A lot. I think it’s really funny, I have to admit. Making the families, houses and rooms, and then play with the characters I made. It takes a lot of time, and I let it take a lot of time. It’s not like I have any better things to do anyway.

By the way! I accepted the offer to media and communication. I couldn’t think about it anymore, I get so depressed by thinking of everything about that school choise (just a personal issue), so I just did it. And I’m really looking forward to the fall. I am. Can’t wait actually.

Accepted July 14, 2008

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So… Like the headline; I got accepted. But I have to think about it.

High school July 14, 2008

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Today (July 14th) is the day. People who are going to high school to the fall, will know it today. They will know which school they got acceptet to. Aaand, I kind of know that I will get my first choise. Well, I don’t know for sure, but still, I’m pretty sure. But here I sit, in front of the computer screen, nervous. And I don’t quite understand that. You see, I don’t really care where I’ll start. Of my choises, of course. But my first choise is media and communication, second is music (on music, dance and drama), and my third is studyspesial or something. You know, just regular school. I don’t really want to go to regual (boring) school, but the thing is, the second year, you can study in another country. And I sooo want to go to high school in the US. So, so much. I’ve been wanting to go there for such a long time. So here’s my situation; will I turn down my first choise (if I get acceptet, of course) or my second choise (but I really want to play more music, too!) to go to the US? I don’t know, I’m so frustrateeeed! Cause I want to do all of them!

BUT. Shall I check it out, then? The answer? I’ll get back to you.