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Hoedown Throwdown! June 10, 2009

Posted by millivanilli in Dancing.
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Me and Milla trying to dance/learn the Hoedown Throwdown:

Try it yourself: link

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Dance, Dance, Dance December 17, 2008

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Dancing is basically all I’ve been doing these last couple of days. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. It was rehearsal all Sunday, and on Monday and Tuesday, we had shows in “The Boat Theater” in Fredrikstad. It went well I guess. But there was this one dance we had, which I never really learned for real, where I didn’t quite keep up with the others. But I was in the back on that dance (because, like I said, I haven’t learned it. Well, I have. But just by dancing it while the others were dancing it, if you know what I mean?) And it was only one little part of the dance. But anyways! The OTHER dance went very well. Both of the days. That’s my favourite dance. It’s so cool, and it has all these cool songs! And I was in the front, so that kind of gives you a little push. Je, je. My family didn’t take any pictures, but I know that the paper did! So here is one picture from the show on Tuesday (this is my dance group);

Read the whole article here.

The picture gallery here.