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Weekend sleepover January 25, 2009

Posted by millivanilli in School, Weekends.
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This weekend, I had two of my best friends here. My parents are in Italy skiing, so they wanted me to sleep somewhere, or have someone to sleep here, while they were gone. So I had Tina and Elise as my company. From Thursday to Sunday, oh yes. Of course, we managed to sleep in on Friday, so we came one hour late to school (no wonder, when you’re up ’til three am). But I brought some coffee to the teacher (haha), so I hope it went okay.

After school on Friday, it was only Elise who accompanied me, cause Tina had to work and stuff. Elise and I didn’t do much. Really, not much at all. Practically nothing. We “slept on shift” (as we agreed to call it) on the couch, while we were watching Disney Channel (of all things). I think the only thing we actually watched through was The Cheetah Girls: One World. Oh yes, quality television, that’s how we like it.

On Saturday, Tina was back on track and ready for some more sleepover. But we didn’t have any candy (oh nooo!), so we first screwed around with the buses, but then finally got to the grocery store and bought about 2,2 pounds of candy (YAY!), took the bus one stop (lazy, yes?) and went home again. And then, creative as we are, we watched some TV while the chicken I had laid out on the kitchen bench were going from frozen to not frozen. We watched some marching band stuff on NRK and the end of Camp Rock on Disney Channel. Then the chicken was ready, and I made some chicken sandwiches (it’s a lot more complicated than it sounds like). After we had eaten, we had some fun (hush).

Sunday, Sunday, just another Sunday. We didn’t do anything, really. My guests took a shower one by one, Elise had to go for a family dinner, and Tina was picked up by her mother one hour later. As for me? I just cleaned my room and relaxed on the couch. Just let the Sunday be a Sunday, you know.

PS: I don’t have any pictures from this weekend, but you can check out elisevarga or tinachk and see if they maybe upload something.