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Faaast commercial May 4, 2009

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That’s just great…


Norwegian Bones April 24, 2009

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Okay, I know it’s a little late, but I have to write about it, though. I mean, I wrote about the little thing as the Norwegian Nosedive, so this is kind of a “must”. ANYWAYS. Norway was waaay mentioned on one of the latest Bones episodes! It was all over the place. Engelsviken, yeye. Not that far from where I live actually. 20 minutes or something. So that’s cool-i-cool. But the Norwegian language-speaking on the other hand, not so cool. I mean, why is it that the Americans (sorry for the “smacking all in one”) never get the foreign languages right? Is that important or something? ‘Cause it’s most definitely important for the people who speak that foreign language. Like me in this case. That woman? NOT Norwegian. Where was she from? Sweden or something? I mean, the guy cop was Norwegian, so why not the woman? I bet there’s A LOT of Norwegian actresses who would LOVE to be on something as big as Bones! Stupid!

And uhm, Dr. Brennan? Miss I-know-how-to-say-skull-in-every-language. It is NOT pronounced “ska-lee”.  Stupid. She didn’t even know what black metal was! I’m starting to have my doubts. Again, stupid.

Pogo April 20, 2009

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You know that Alice song/video? Pogo is the mastermind behind it (real name Nick Bertke). I didn’t mention it in the last post, because I wanted to give him a post for his own! You see, I checked out his youtube and last.fm page, and found a lot of other cool songs. I’m not usually into that kind of music, but this was really cool, ’cause he mixes these old movies in his music. Not only quotes, but also sounds that appear in the movie. You know Alice for instance? It’s 90% from the Alice in Wonderland movie! Cool, right? Check him out then!

Mille in Wonderland April 20, 2009

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I was at a Disney party last night. and I was Alice in Wonderland!


(picture of me – coming later.)

We (Thea, Kamilla, Natalie, Maren, Elsie, Marthe, Nanna and I) watched old Disney movies all night long. It was cozy. Sleeping Beauty was my favorite to watch, because I used to love it when I was little. She’s so pretty :P We didn’t see Alice, though :( But take a look at this video! Just got over it. Kinda love the song now.

Frontier Psychiatrist April 18, 2009

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Oh my God, do any of you remember this song? :D

Funny fantastic April 16, 2009

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I found a great show. It’s called The Inbetweeners. It’s a British series, and  super funny. Loads of great music in the background as well. The Wombats for instance. You should check it out! :D

Norwegian Nosedive April 16, 2009

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Mostly causing the Norwegian thing. I just love it when Norway’s mentioned (no matter what it is really :P), and this time it was on Ellen! That’s so cool! I think I’ve played that game before by the way.

Haha, the first part’s funny! :)

Mainstream famedream April 15, 2009

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Oh, yes, I have Twitter now. ‘Cuz I’m so cool. (eeh, yeah)

I finally get to say: “Follow me on Twitter!”


Teachers = Cowards? April 2, 2009

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No, no, what is this? I don’t feel that way at all! The students in this video say that the teachers were just rushing with getting everybody out. – Like that’s a bad thing! But it’s totally not! It’s on the other hand very good! All of the students were out of the school in about ten minutes.  – And we are more than a thousand students. That is really GREAT work I tell you.

And our teacher made sure everyone was out of the classroom before he was. I don’t get these complains… I mean, are they trying to make us look bad or something? I would rather brag about how everyone at school handled this situation, ’cause we did handle it pretty well.

And, uhm, we DID gather. At the parking lot, remember? Where we’re always suppose to meet when stuff like these (fires etc.) happen? Don’t blame the teachers, blame yourself for not doing the thing that’s most logic.

ALSO! The students keep on complaining about that the teachers didn’t give them any information about the situation. Did it ever occur to you that they maybe didn’t know anything more than us? I even talked to the student president (who knew as much as us), and he said that the only people who knew about it was the police and the principal. The teachers were probably just told to get the students out as soon as possible, which they did! Ah, I SO want to make this clear in the media. Some students made a total wrong image of the situation!

April fools! Again. April 2, 2009

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OK, not funny. The whole school massacre thing was a April fool after all (which I actually suggested at first). From another high school just across the river. The boy was 17. You really got us  (but seriously…)


What you see below is the threat mail.


“I am going to kill as many as possible during the next 48 hours, it’s going to be a massacre and a blood bath at Glemmen high school in Fredrikstad.”

LATEST: It wasn’t an April fool. That was just a conclusion the media decided to take. It was, however, a “joke”. The class the “threat boy” is in, was learning about school massacres. They had just been watching “Bowling for Columbine”, and were told to do some research of the matter. So he tipsed a newspaper (through the web) about the massacre (see picture of the mail). And then just an hour later or something, it was all over the web about threats, bombings and evacuations. This was the point where the 17 year old boy realized what he’ve done. He didn’t think it would be taken as seriously as it did. I’m not taking his side here, to get that straight! But this is what I know from “an isider”.