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Cavallari for The Hills? May 27, 2009

Posted by millivanilli in Television and shows.
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Just saw the latest (almost last of the season) episode of The Hills. As I’ve expressed earlier, I’m starting to like Spencer more and more. I mean, he’s not my favorite or anything, but I don’t “hate him” anymore. I think he’s showing more and more that he loves Heidi and will do the stuff that means a lot to her. In this case, it was apologizing to Lauren (for the sex tape rumor ect.) and trying to get her to go to the wedding. Which actually makes me like Lauren less and less! She’s always been one of my favorites (second to Whitney), ’cause I see myself in her sometimes, and I can relate to some of the things she’s been through. And she always expresses herself in a good way, and always makes sence. But now… Ah, I almost get mad over her! It’s a wedding! I know it’s a celebration and confirmation of what she don’t like in the first place, but that’s a long time ago. And even so, she keeps on saying that she still loves Heidi and bla bla bla, but she won’t go to her wedding? What the crap? She’s made her point! Spencer even called her! And apologized! Aaah.

And everyone else are as well. So… I don’t really see the point. She’s not been asked to be Heidi’s best man or something, she’s just been asked to show up and be there. Even I could have done that. To a person I don’t even know!

But back to the Spencer-thingy. On the teaser for the season finale, he also speaks to Heidi’s mom, so he’s really growing on me! And hey, another thing, Lauren does the voice over, so she probably watch every episode. That means she knows what happening in Heidi’s life and she can also see that Spencer’s not joking around. So that leads me to even more questions about what the big deal is…

BUT, headline, yes! I’ve heard Kristin Cavallari’s joining the next season’s cast? Hm.. I don’t know how I feel about that… I mean.. Lauren’s leaving, but The Hills is not ending? Lauren’s like the main person, so the show’ll probably need a new main person/voice over. And the rumors are on Kristin. Ha… I think that would be a bit stupid. ‘Cause she also “took over” for Lauren on the second season of Laguna Beach. I know, that was a different concept, ’cause they followed the seniors for each year, but it still kinda seemed that way. And if she’ll be the main person of The Hills as well, that would be like the second time. Like she lives on Lauren’s opportunities. At least steals them when Lauren’s done. And now she kind of looks like Lauren as well. Copycat you!

But I’ll still watch :P



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