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Norwegian Bones April 24, 2009

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Okay, I know it’s a little late, but I have to write about it, though. I mean, I wrote about the little thing as the Norwegian Nosedive, so this is kind of a “must”. ANYWAYS. Norway was waaay mentioned on one of the latest Bones episodes! It was all over the place. Engelsviken, yeye. Not that far from where I live actually. 20 minutes or something. So that’s cool-i-cool. But the Norwegian language-speaking on the other hand, not so cool. I mean, why is it that the Americans (sorry for the “smacking all in one”) never get the foreign languages right? Is that important or something? ‘Cause it’s most definitely important for the people who speak that foreign language. Like me in this case. That woman? NOT Norwegian. Where was she from? Sweden or something? I mean, the guy cop was Norwegian, so why not the woman? I bet there’s A LOT of Norwegian actresses who would LOVE to be on something as big as Bones! Stupid!

And uhm, Dr. Brennan? Miss I-know-how-to-say-skull-in-every-language. It is NOT pronounced “ska-lee”.  Stupid. She didn’t even know what black metal was! I’m starting to have my doubts. Again, stupid.



1. Dale - June 12, 2009

Agreed! Dr. Brennan even said “ska-lee” so many times it just got annoying. But then again, when they cast the episode in the US, how many Norwegian people can they get for the episode? But as I said, I do agree with you ;)

2. Fey - April 11, 2010

Hi!, I don’t speak Norwegian but I just watched the said bones episode and I’m curious as to how skull is actually pronounced in Norwegian?

3. millivanilli - April 13, 2010

Well, it’s kinda hard to write in the way it’s supposed to be pronounced in Norwegian in English. Um.. that was a mess of a sentence :P It’s kinda similar to skull actually. you just switch the u with an a and put an e at the end. SKALLE. Maybe I should post a video of me pronouncing it lol :P

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