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Job hunt -again… February 3, 2009

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Aaah! Ah-ah-ah! Great.

I was at my second “interview” today. Or actually my first, since the first “round” in this get-the-job game seemed to be a pop quiz about music, movies and games (which apperantly everyone seemed to know about? Thanks for telling guys!) That was surprising and unexpected, but I obviously managed it, cause I came to the next “round”.

The next round was an interview. The one I was at today (yes, on my birthday. What a great way to celebrate it, right?). It went well. I must say, I was really nervous (cause I really wanted this job!!), but it went very well. The tention was relaxed, I was relaxed, and I felt like I answered the question correctly. At least I don’t regret any of them.

So deal for further actuation was to get a call within an hour. If you get it, you’re supposed to meet up for another interview tomorrow. But if you DON’T get it, you’re out.

I GOT a call. But I did NOT get the offer to meet again tomorrow. Now… I didn’t quite get that, I mean, wasn’t I supposed to NOT get a call? The man was like:

“Hi, this is (his name) from Platekompaniet. Now this will probably be a bit disapointing to you, cause I’m NOT calling to offer you another meeting tomorrow. But what we will like for you to do, is to try again next time. Cause you made a great first impression, and you seemed like a great girl. But there were many great applicants this time, so we feel like you’re not ready to be by yourself in our stores. But, like I said, we would really like for you to try again next time.” Something in that direction.

But why did they bother calling? They weren’t supposed to! Thank you for rubbing it in. Now that was just unnecessary, I mean, I felt like he was breaking up with me or something!

So… I’m not ready? BS, I say. I’m not going to point out why I’m not not ready. In other words why I AM ready. But really thought, it has nothing to do with that. It’s just another way of saying that I don’t have the experience that they’re looking for. SO THANK YOU FOR PROVING MY POINT (read)! I’m right back where my head was all along. I kind of thought that this could actually be the first ticket to the life of working experience.

Happy birthday to me, right?



1. Elise Varga - February 3, 2009

Ah, that sucked :( Something else will show up, you know :)

And happy birthday to you!! :D

2. Birthday girl « Milli Vanilli - February 4, 2009

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