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Look-alike 5 January 12, 2009

Posted by millivanilli in Look-alikes.
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Get ready for my biggest look-alike ever! Look-alikeS to be correct.


This started when I googled Jenny Humphrey last week to get some pictures to my last post. And then the picture below came up:

Kaitlin Cooper and Jenny Humprey

So I thought, yes, Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl looks a bit like Kaitlin Cooper from The OC.

Now, I usually just “click myself” straight to the picture when I google (you know, no’t bothering about what page the picture’s from), but this time I thought I could check it out. And I found a hole bunch of look-alikes of characters from The OC and Gossip Girl. And I realized, yes that’s kind of true. Now, all of the look-alikes doesn’t look THAT much alike, but you can see some simulations between everyone. And one other funny thing is that many of the characters in this look-alike, have the same kind of role. Anyways, check them out! :D

Marissa Cooper vs. Serena Van Der Woodsen

Marissa Cooper vs. Serena Van Der Woodsen

Summer Roberts vs. Blair Waldorf -true!

Summer Roberts vs. Blair Waldorf -true!

Seth Cohen (3) vs. Dan Humphrey

Seth Cohen (<3) vs. Dan Humphrey

Ryan Atwood vs. Nate Archibald

Ryan Atwood vs. Nate Archibald

Luke Ward vs. Chuck Bass (3)

Luke Ward vs. Chuck Bass (<3)

Sandy Cohen vs. Rufus Humphrey (not so much)

Sandy Cohen vs. Rufus Humphrey (not so much)

Kirsten Cohen vs. Lily Van Der Woodsen

And now I find myself doubting if Jenny and Kaitlin ever were that much alike. I mean, HELLO AND OH MY GOD, Kirsten and Lily are sooo alike compared with them! Shit!

Random source: http://lindsayapproved.blogspot.com/ (but I didn’t find it again right away, but when I searched, I found out that a lot of others pages feel the same way).



1. Victoria - January 12, 2009


yeah, and Katlin also playd a role in gossip girl ;))))))))))

2. millivanilli - January 12, 2009

Jo, Elise kan jo lese dette da. Det er jo ikke noe farlig? Men ja, vet. Fant forresten ut at det er de samme folka bak Gossip Girl som The OC, så… Det KAN jo være grunnen :P

3. Elise Varga - January 13, 2009

det gjør jo ikke noe at jeg leser det da!
Men ja, shit, Kirsten og Lily ligna!

4. Victoria - January 13, 2009

hallllloooo, hva vet vel jeg om hvor nøye Elise er med infomengden. prøvde å være grei bare jeg, ta lit hensyn ikke sant. BUT NOOOOOO, DONT THAT CRAZY SHIT VICTORIA

5. Elise Varga - January 13, 2009

Meg like tema :)

6. millivanilli - January 14, 2009

Så flott! :) Headern ble litt mer porno enn det jeg tenkte, og det skulle egentlig være hvitt, men så ble det svart, siden det var allere svart sånn skygge-ting på den ene siden av bilde. MEN, MEN.

7. littleB - April 1, 2009

Great comparisons! But that is not that surprising when you know that the director of Gossip girl, is the same person as the director of The O.C.!!

8. lily - April 12, 2009

lol, it’s true …

9. arual - April 18, 2009

im spanish. Its incredible how much can seems to OC.

10. alana - May 7, 2009


I love both shows. RIP The O.C.

11. dds - August 1, 2009

yeh i have to admit; these cmparisons are really good.
I mean look at summer vs. blair and kristen vs. lily !

kaitlin had a cameo in gg !

12. Anine - October 11, 2009

Du har helt rett!, jeg synes også Chace Crawford (Nate Archibald) likner på Zac Efron..!? :)

13. Lê Scalia - October 19, 2009

hahaha, I agree… specially about Summer and Blair. Maybe there’s something to do with Josh Schwartz… after all, he’s teh creator of The OC and the producer of Gossip Girl. He’s other tv show, Chuck, also has a nerd that reminds me of Seth Coen. I found your site just like you found this pictures, accidentaly. But then, i thought “that’s interesting” and came to check out :].
Very funny..

14. Ryan - November 24, 2009

THE O.C !!!!!!!!

15. katie - December 8, 2009

ofcourse the oc is better!

16. ila - December 23, 2009

this is so true…but you should have at least linked the website you took those images from!!
> http://xoxogossipgirl.myblog.it/archive/2008/01/21/upper-east-siders-vs-orange-county-guys.html


17. Demi - January 11, 2010

yeah, they seem so much alike cuz its the same producer! josh schwartz created both the shows, so i guess the o.c. kind of rubbed off of him and he did the same thing for gossip girl. i guess that’s just the kind of style of tv that he does and that he’s familiar with ;)

it is kinda freaky though.. all those characters match up with each other, especially the yummy mummys at the bottom!! <3 the o.c. + gossipgirl

18. eva - January 25, 2010

theyre both perfect serials..any lily and kristen like same person,am i wrong?

19. a - April 24, 2010

Haha det värkar som om du och jag tycker om samma karaktärer ?
Chuck i GG och Seth i O.C <3 :D

20. millivanilli - April 25, 2010

Ja <33 Liker Seth best av de to da, for han er så søt :)
ELSKER Chuck og Blair sammen <3

21. The OC - May 18, 2010

OC for life!

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