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GG S2E14 January 6, 2009

Posted by millivanilli in Love, Television and shows.
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Okay, okay… WHAT HAPPENED ON NEW YEARS?! Oh my God, I’m dying to know!

If you haven’t figured out what I’m talking about yet, it’s of course the latest episode of Gossip Girl. Yes Gossip Girl is love, pure love <3

By-the-way! I just have to share this. I’ve had it on my mind for a long time, I’ve just forgot to express it. Or something :P I DON’T LIKE JENNY’S NEW STYLE. Okay, it’s maybe too late to say it now, because her attidute was better today, but her attidute was also one of the thing about “the new her” that I didn’t like. I mean, suddenly, she just start getting rude, quit school, went to late night parties with old people, moved away from home and hated everybody. What happened to the sweet Jenny? (I guess that was the whole thing about her change, but anyways…) And that was only her new attitude! I mentioned her style. And oh yes, that was what I meant too. She just layed all her nice, colorful, cute dresses waaay in the back of her closet and start wearing all black. And dark eye make-up. She was suddenly all rock. And the most important, SHE GOT HERSELF A NEW HAIRCUT.


Likey? No-ey.

Anyways, GREAT episode! :) <3 (Feel like I’m using waaay too many capital letters today) And, oh, today’s question (yup, new thing):

What do YOU think about the new Jenny Humphrey?



1. Victoria - January 8, 2009

omg i loved the new Jenny, she became my favourite. And her clothes becaming so inspiring (i realise i spelled that completly wrong) And at first i wasnt all about the new hair and makeup but then i saw how she previosly looked and i thought it looked better, she grew, looked older!

I also see that my overenthusiasm can have looked sarcastic, but it wasnt. I really liked the new Jenny!

2. millivanilli - January 8, 2009

Good for you :) :P

3. Sophie - April 5, 2009

I liked her new hair until later she parted her bangs and made it look hideous. Uhm…but yeah the eyeliner and her clothes were getting a little bit too much. Too bad she stopped designing clothes. That big poofy green one was so cute! I hate jenny’s new personality and j&n should be together FOREVER. :( I hate vanessa.

I wish J would be queen of the wannabees. Oh and boss them around. HATE THEM SO MUCH.

4. arianna - April 28, 2009

nn me ne ero mai accorta …… di questa somiglianza

5. Annie - May 2, 2009

I love the new hair cut!!! I really like when she put her hair in a pony tail and then curls her bangs. But she needs to keep up with the bleach blonde because i hate her black roots. Ok and i dont like vanessa but for some reason i want chuck an jenny to go out i dont no why i just do. I think its because i dont want blair and chuch together. I want blair and nate together. well i wrote alot but just because i want every one to think about the whole chuck and jenny thing.

6. lucy - May 2, 2009

i LOVE her new style. her old one i suppose was okay. but now its even better. especially her hait and makeup. her attitude isnt very good atm tbh :L i think she could be less ungrateful. but shes still nice like helping the girl with the blue glasses out. so i like her more than i used to. my favourite character i think atm :)

7. millivanilli - May 3, 2009

Thanks for all the comments! Even though I disagree on the not Chuck+Blair thing (’cause I REALLY want them to be a couple, they’re so perfect for each other!) it’s nice to see that people have other opinions! Love the show <3

8. Alison - May 3, 2009

wouldnt it be outrageous if blair and dan hooked up just once? it would be dead wrong but potentially cute at the same time. i like blair and chuck. i also like blair and nate. i did not like jenny and nate, i did not like vanessa and nate. i especially would not like jenny and chuck. oh and yeah jenny’s new style. her hair is okay but i hate the makeup and the attitude. oh and yes i find the oc to be very similar (must be because of the same creator) i wonder if they will eventually kill off serena like they did with marissa?

9. millivanilli - May 3, 2009

Oh my God, couldn’t agree more! Feel the same way about all the hook ups you mentioned. Except, I don’t think it would be cute if Blair and Dan hooked up. Or… I’ve never though about it. I don’t know, would it? Anyways Nate and Blair, didn’t like their reunion at first, but now I kinda do. But Blair and Chuck’s spying thing is also a bit cute. It’s only they who could have done those sorts of things you know. They will always have something. But I feel kinda bad for Nate as well. Can’t wait for the next episode!

10. Annie - May 4, 2009

Ok i guess every one thought about the Chuck an Jenny thing and no one liked it. Its ok though because everyone has there own opinions and stuff but i thought it was super nice how When Jenny went back to chuck/the Van der Woodsens apartment looking for her dad and chuck was there and said like he was sorry for the whole incident at the kiss on the lips party and if her family moved in he would make sure he wasnt there. Thats the only reason i think they should be together because i thought that was really nice. Ok comment back and tell me if that makes you maby consider it more.

11. maddy - May 4, 2009

I want Jenny and Chuck to be together too, so annie, you are not the only one. I really like all your ideas, especially about the bags. i really hate her dye job. she needs a reality check. but i realllyyy want her and chuck to be together.

12. maddy - May 4, 2009

i totally agree with annie, Jenny and Chuck so need to hook-up. I don’t even care about what happened at kiss on the lips, they would be such a good couple. Jenny is really acting like a spoiled brat and she needs a total reality check.

13. millivanilli - May 4, 2009

What? Chuck and Jenny, really? Okay, it was a good moment when Chuck said sorry (he’s maturing), but I wasn’t like “awww”. Or I was, but for his sake, not THEIRS. I just can’t picture them. But I didn’t like Jenny and Nate either. Can’t she find a guy at her own age? Like that classmate or whatever who was at their house in the last episode? He was kinda cute. Go them!

14. Annie - May 5, 2009

Well thanks you Maddy. Finally someone agrees with me. But ya i kinda do understand that she needs to find a guy her own age. Well we will see what happens tonight! But i also think if jenny an chuck cant go out blair and chuck should. (but i still like Chick and Jenny and i haven’t changed my mined) haha ;)

15. Alison - May 5, 2009

yeah i saw tonights episode yesterday cause it comes on a certain channel sunday nights for me. anyway. it was extremely sad. i cried. i wont spoil it if you havnt seen it. but theres like 20 seconds in it that isnt even significant to the episode but is extremely sad, you’ll know what i mean after you see it

16. Annie - May 5, 2009

How do u see it the night before? ok im watching it right now ill comment back after i watch it

17. millivanilli - May 5, 2009

Alison, where do you live, I want to live there too! :P But anyways, I didn’t get which 20 second sad moment you ment… :P If you’re talking about episode 23?

18. Alison - May 5, 2009

yeah 20 secs was just a rough estimate but it was the part with chuck and blair, how he told her it was just a game, but then told serena that he loved her and that she could never be happy with him, idk i just found that really sad :( other than that i thought the episode was a bit boring. cant wait until next sunday :P

19. millivanilli - May 5, 2009

Yea, okay, that was my guess. I planned to reply just after my comment saying that, but I forgot xP But yes, it was sad :( ’cause he loves her and all. And he never loves anyone! But he just wanted him to be happy, but he knew he couldn’t make that happen. Kinda romantic, but also kinda sad. But ey, what’s up with Georgina? Is she good or bad now? I mean, I have a feeling that she’s on Papi’s side or something. But she said on the phone that she was finishing what they couldn’t finish. Is she helping or not? I’m confused!

20. Annie - May 6, 2009

Omg i thought it was sad too! like i even kinda want blair and chuck to go out together now! I feel really bad for chuck because he never gets anything. I mean it seems like he is trying to do the right thing but its not really the right thing because blair cried. i cant beleive serenas mom got her arrested that was so mean but i cant wait tell next week! Whens the last episode?

21. Alison - May 6, 2009

i agree, serena’s mom definately crossed the line- the worst part of it: if it werent for the arrest, they so could have finally caught poppy. i dont know when the last episode is but hopefully not for a while cuz i dont wanna wait months for a new season to start when i can barely wait until next week!

22. J - May 6, 2009

omg i totally agree with annie about the jenny and chuck thing! they would be like amazzingg together. i know what chuck did at the kiss of the lips party was bad but he apologized. they would be really cute together!

23. annie - May 6, 2009

Ya that made me so mad that serenas mom did that. Not only did it make me mad because she did it to serena but then they didnt get poppy. And i dont know about anyone else but i do not like gergina. Ya and i deffinatly dont want the season to end!

24. Alison - May 7, 2009

yeah i hate that gorgina too, i didn’t even buy her whole religious act, because it was just a little toooo much to be real. not only did serenas mom get her arrest her, stop them from getting poppy but she also screwed up the whole proposal. which made me really sad because if that worked out everyone would be so happy and excited.

25. annie - May 7, 2009

Ya i no i realy wanted rufus and serenas mom to get married. but also kinda want serena and dan to go out. so if they were married and serena and dan went out that would be kinda weird. Ya i really dont like gorgina she was acting like really fake religious so it was anoying.

26. Alison - May 7, 2009

yeah serena and dan are so good together and its weird to think they will be family because they used to be in love. oh and you know what i just realized. vanessa looks very similar to theresa from the oc. same type of character as well. theresa was ryan’s old friend, they broke up and ryan met marissa- the it girl, they dated and theresa randomly shows up making it extremely awkward for everyone until theresa and marissa sort of become friends. very similar to the whole dan-serena-vanessa situation of season 1

27. millivanilli - May 7, 2009

Yes, that’s so true! But it’s the same creators so… You know, maybe they were short for ideas or something.. :p

28. Annie - May 8, 2009

haha ya maby the director was being lazy and didnt want to make anything new. I seriously cant wait until the next episode i want to see what happens to Poppy( i think she deserves to somehow get in trouble). I also want to see what happens with the whole blair-chuck-nate thing.

29. Alison - May 8, 2009

i heard that prom is coming up and things get rocky with blair and nate (typical) but i hate when they fight because i always feel so bad for nate idk why but he is just soo cute :) i wonder what happens with chuck tho.. will things just go back to normal after that whole scene in the restaurant or hotel or wherever they were.

30. Annie - May 10, 2009

ya i dont no. But ya i always feel bad for nate too because he looks so innocent. haha since u get to watch it tonight Lucky! tell me if its a good episode.

31. Alison - May 10, 2009

i would but i have a mothers day thing to go to, so im taping it and watching it like first thing after school tomorrow!! i’ll tell u then if its good or not ;)

32. Annie - May 10, 2009

ok cool. it looks kinda weird it like goes back to the 80’s.

33. Alison - May 11, 2009

i thought over all it was a pretty good episode. most of it was back in the eighties and it was lilly’s past life mostly to do with her rebellious sister. younger lily was played by britney snow. although that part was kinda boring, the other part was mostly about prom. which was super cute btw and made me kinda sad at the end. the other little part is about present-day lily and cece. rufus forgives her but still doesnt want a relationship. chuck does the sweetest thing EVER. :)

34. millivanilli - May 11, 2009

Aww, he does? What, what!!? :D No, don’t say it. But, aah, can’t wait!

35. Alison - May 12, 2009

yeah its something small and cute but its so sweet i cant believe it. have fun watching :)

36. Annie - May 12, 2009

I am so mad at my self…i didnt get to watch it because i thought i would home in time with this thing me and my mom were doing but i wasnt. Im going to watch it right when they down load it on the website. Ahhh i cant wait to see what chuck does thats nice. Does he do it for blair?

37. Alison - May 12, 2009

of course he does :) its nothing extreme but i still thought it was really cute

38. Annie - May 17, 2009

Omg i really liked that episode. I thought the parts in the 80’s were really good. It got a little confusing thought because it kept going back and forth. Over all i thought it was a good episode. I feel sooooo bad for nate he did like nothing to deserve blair leaving him. Also like blair never found out that chuck was taking out the nelly votes. She also didnt find out that he got her the dress and stuff. ok well alison if u come on here after u watch the episode tonight if u do will u tell me what happens with chuck/blair/nate thing.

39. Alison - May 17, 2009

you really want me to spoil the finale? :O
OMFG cant even wait its in almost 2 hours!
yes i was really sad when blair broke up with nate he did not deserve that at all! especially weird since they were 100% happy together. but what chuck did was sweet and i think it should be his turn now ;)

40. Alison - May 18, 2009

omfg.. just watched it. still not over it. tears of joy guys! overall the episode was okay, but the ending is just completely amazing.anyawy,yeah blair and nate broke up, but nobody is really that upset about it. blair goes after chucks heart once again

41. Annie - May 21, 2009

omg i saw like the last 5 minutes. ahhhhhh chuck is so nice he went to all those places in europe just to get things for blair. Now i dont even care about nate and he finally said i love u to blair. that was the best ending ever!!!!

42. Annie - May 21, 2009

but im so said its the last episode!

43. Alison - May 21, 2009

omg i know! now it seems chuck is wayy better than nate, he’s far more romantic. but nate is with vanessa again :| thats the only thing i dont like, cause i cant stand her. but yes the last five minutes = best finale ending ever! i love it when its a happy ending. but now we have to wait allll summer! :O i bet the first episode of season 3 is going to be awesome

44. Annie - May 29, 2009

omg i know i do not like vanessa I have no idea why nate likes her! I do not want to wait the whole summer ugh either. but yes that was such a good ending idk why chuck had to wait intell the last episode to say i love u to her though

45. millivanilli - June 15, 2009

So… One question; who’s that guy at the café prentending to be the one Vanessa was backpacking with? What was up with that phonecall and stuff? I think he’s hiding something!

46. Alison - June 15, 2009

yeah i was wondering that too, i didn’t really get it- i thought, is there something that i missed? anyway i asked my bff and she said that he’s rufus and lily’s son. the one they thought died, but he’s actually alive! and he’s been kind of stalking dan. and he tried to contact dan a few episodes ago, pretending to be a fan of his writing but then when dan tried to call him back, the guy’s adoptive parents deleted the call. soo weird, i still don’t know how my friend knew all that, its like i’ve been living under a rock!

47. millivanilli - June 15, 2009

I actually thought og that option.. I know about the phonecalls and stuff, but I kinda thought the whole adopted son-thingy was over. But maybe not! Can’t wait to see in the next season! It will be fun to see how the school is with Jenny as the new queen bee as well!

48. Alison - June 15, 2009

yes the start of season 3 will be so awesome! jenny as queen bee, the secret son storyline, serena and carter looking for her father, blair finding out that her room mate is georgina and of course, blair and chuck officially as a couple.

49. millivanilli - June 16, 2009

Can’t wait!! Yeah, what’s up eith Georgina now? Is she good or bad? Having the feeling about bad, but she got all the money back and stuff, so it’s confusing… But I don’t like her!

Well, this season also started with Chuck and Blair as a couple, didn’t it? But he didn’t come to the airport and stuff, and then she started dating that English dude etc. If I don’t remember completely wrong?

Anyways, Alison, where do live? Since you get to see the episodes so early?

50. Alison - June 16, 2009

yeah i thats true georgina did get the $ back. but she kind of had an evil little grin on, so it is really confusing. Oh btw i’m from ontario the channel is called A-channel london. and blair and chuck were in a relationship but we never got to see it because season 2 started off after he abandoned her at the airport.

51. millivanilli - June 16, 2009

As in Canada, or is it in England (because of that A-channel London-thing)? Because if you’re from England, it’s really strange that us in Norway are like half a season behind (I’m watching online).

52. Alison - June 16, 2009

canada :)

53. Annie - June 18, 2009

Ya i think its rufus and lillys kid too thats so weird though. im so excited for jenny to be the queen bee but how r they still going to do the show when everyone is in collage?

54. millivanilli - June 18, 2009

Maybe Jenny will play a bigger part, like Serena or Blair in these previous seasons? So we’ll follow her life more? Or maybe we’ll still see how it’s going with the cast, even if they’re at college. I mean, Gossip Girl said that she would follow them, even in college. So.. Who knows? Guess we just have to wait and see!

55. Annie - June 20, 2009

haha i guess… i was re watching the 1st season the other day and i kinda do miss the old jenny now. she use to be really pretty and nice. But ya i think jenny will have a bigger role this season.

56. Alison - June 20, 2009

yes i think that jenny will have a bigger role and so will that creepy stalker guy :O

57. Annie - June 20, 2009

haha ya that was weird how he like pretended he was going to go on the camping trip with vennessa.

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