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The Hills and happy-tears December 30, 2008

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I just watched “The Hills” finale of season 4 online (on MTV.com), and I am so put out of place. I mean, I was so emotional when I watched it. I cried! I’m NOT kidding. I don’t know if it was really, really touching or if it was because I haven’t cried for a long time, but irregardless, I CRIED. And it was happy-tears. I was soo happy! Because Lauren and Heidi seemed to make amends. You could just see that they both missed each other and wanted to be friends again. And I don’t see why not! I mean, I know there’s happened a lot and that Spencer’s still around (and now when they’re married, that’s NOT gonna change), but anyway! They just… They just HAVE to be friends again! And I have a little feeling that they will. At least I have a wish… This may seem silly, that I wish for that, because I don’t know them or anything, but it’s just like.. I’ve seen all the episodes of all the seasons, so I’m pretty in to it, if you know what I mean. So to see this, is just such an emotional moment, you know? Haha, oh, I’m such a nerd.

Anyways, I can’t finish just yet. You see, I was teary-eyed in another scene, too. And this actually took me a little bit unguarded. I cried when Heidi and Spencer (“Speidi” if you like) were at the courthouse to legalize their Mexican wedding. No, I did not cry because they wanted to legalize it. Even though I’ve had my doubts about mr. Spencer Pratt, I’ve started to like him more and more. I mean, I know he’s an ass, but he’s funny. In a mean kind of way. But that’s funny :P Haha, his comments are priceless. But anyways! The second round of happpy-tears came pooring when Spencer (finally) got to his senses and said that they shouldn’t do this, with her mother all upset and everything, and that he was willing to have the big fairytale-wedding Heidi always has dreamed of. Because all that mattered to him, was to be with her. Awww, Spencer’s such a softie.

For those who have seen it; didn’t your heart get all stressed when he didn’t answer to that “I do”-part? Oh my God, I felt so nervous! I mean, I didn’t think that he was going to say no, but I hoped that he would take Stephanie’s advise and change the situation before if was too late. And he did, and it was so good. Aaah, I love “The Hills”.

Oh, And, and! This episode review (as it turned out to be), would be nothing without mentioning Justin and Audrina! Yes, we finally saw his romantic side. And I tell you, it was pretty good! This was probably the part of him that she has seen since the beginning, but just we haven’t got to see yet. But I’ve always liked Justin. Even though he’s had his ups and downs, he’s always been a genuine guy. And that has been showed well these last couple of episodes. And I do believe that he’s very smart, he’s just a little wierd. Oh Bobby, Justin Bobby. I don’t know how many times you’ve made Audrina cry, but this time I was (actually) a bit dissapointed that she didn’t! But I’m talking about happy-tears of course. The things he said was very cute and it was such a perfect timing and setting. And he gave her this ring and everything was just so perfect! And I think their finally a couple now! But not like they used to be, like on and off, but like a real couple! They were so cute on their little getaway, and they sure made me happy.

So this episode basically made me happy. It made me cry and made me smile. What a (another) great episode, and what a finale! Oh, The Hills, what a show! -And now I gotta go (did you catch that rime there? :D) I have to watch “The After Show”!

While you can go down Memory Lane with some pictures of Lauren and Heidi from the good, old days.

I like this picture. It's like you can see that they're having fun

What? Kristin?

What? Kristin?



1. >:C - January 3, 2009

crai beibii

2. millivanilli - January 4, 2009

And me know it! And me don’t care! :D

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