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O Christmas spirit, where art Thou? December 13, 2008

Posted by millivanilli in Christmas.
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Yes, I love the Christmas, but no, I’m not feeling it. Where the heck is my Christmas spirit? Today it’s December 13th. That’s the Lucia day. And you know what? I forgot! I totally forgot. I figured it out for like an hour ago. That’s not how it’s supposed to be. Nothing is how it’s supposed to be. I use to love the Christmas. And now it’s only a week left of school before the holidays, and I haven’t really faced that yet. It’s like I’m not looking forward to it anymore. And that’s so sad, because Christmas used to be so much fun.

I guess it’s partly my own fault for not letting it in. I mean, I haven’t even watched a single episode of any Christmas TV-show yet. Not even “Blåfjell”! That used to be my favorite show. I even had a “Blåfjell”-birthday.
I’m just so disappointed in myself. I’ve got the snow, I’ve got the Christmas-lights in the streets and the Christmas decorations all over the mall. I’ve baked ginger snaps, drinked Christmas/red soda, eaten porridge and lisnened to Christmas music. But I don’t feel it! Ough, I hate this! I want to feel the Christmas spirit again!

And there’s one thing that really upsets me. And it’s not about me or my efforts. It’s about the media. For instance, TV. I remember that the different TV channels used to show Christmas movies before Christmas eve. But now they only show them AFTER Christmas eve. In that week between Christmas eve and New Years eve (I don’t know if there is a special name for that in English). They show “Home Alone” and all these other really cozy Christmas-spirit-making-movies. AFTER CHRISTMAS. But that’s too late! I want the spirit BEFORE Christmas. Because Christmas eve is supposed to be day in Christmas you look forward to. The highlight. And I don’t want the Christmas spirit after Christmas. Because when I get the spirit, I want Christmas, you know? So it’s kind of mean. Because after Christmas eve, it’s a whole year to the next one. Soo.. Thanks. Really. And, where the heck did the Coca Cola-commercial go!?



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