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Twilight December 12, 2008

Posted by millivanilli in Movies.
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I just got back from Moss. I saw a movie there with some friends, which was fun. I saw (tham, tham, tham) Twilight! I you didn’t understand that by the headline.
It was a good movie. Not great, but good. And it was so romantic! In an odd way. In a I-want-your-blood-but-I-have-to-control-myself-because-I-love-you-way. Yea.. Uhm, won’t give you a full movie report here, because A; it would’ve taken too long, and B; you wouldn’t understand a crap. Oh, I also have a C! It would’ve sounded very strange/bad/sucky/cliché, and you wouldn’t really want to go see it I think. Cause it’s kind of hard to explain it all without making it seem like a bad movie. Which it wasn’t. And I’m not all “Twilight-blessed” og in love with Edward like everybody else. But I still saw it. So if you’re not into the whole vampire-thing, you should still
see it. Take it from me.

But hey, check out WHAT THE BUCK talking about it here!



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