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Bus card, tickets and adult-ages November 26, 2008

Posted by millivanilli in Random.
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I’ve finally bought myself (correction: I’ve finally got some money to buy) a bus card! :D So I can get to school for free. Well, it isn’t free, because I had to buy the damn card, but AFTER you pay for it, it’s free… Sort of. And the great thing is, that I don’t only get to school for free (which is so, so stupid in the first place), but I can go any place I want for free! In Østfold, of course, but hey! I can take the bus for freeee. Finally! So more paying 25 kr. for a one way bus ticket! Stupid, stupid. Ah, I’m still not over that. I mean, just because I don’t live over 6 km. from school, I can’t get to school for free? Like practically everyone else? No discount, no children’s or student’s pass, but an adult ticket. To get to school! Hello! I’m sixteen, and that’s not an adult, according to what the law! That’s eighteen! At least with all the cool stuff you get to do as an adult, but when it comes to prices… You’re an adult when you’re sixteen. Ah. I’m sooo frustrated! Do they expect me to walk to school? Eh, funny. Cause 50 kr. is a lot of money to spend every day just to get back and forward to school!

BUT, my point is, now I can do that for free :D Just for 30 days, though… But, yay!



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