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High school July 14, 2008

Posted by millivanilli in School.

Today (July 14th) is the day. People who are going to high school to the fall, will know it today. They will know which school they got acceptet to. Aaand, I kind of know that I will get my first choise. Well, I don’t know for sure, but still, I’m pretty sure. But here I sit, in front of the computer screen, nervous. And I don’t quite understand that. You see, I don’t really care where I’ll start. Of my choises, of course. But my first choise is media and communication, second is music (on music, dance and drama), and my third is studyspesial or something. You know, just regular school. I don’t really want to go to regual (boring) school, but the thing is, the second year, you can study in another country. And I sooo want to go to high school in the US. So, so much. I’ve been wanting to go there for such a long time. So here’s my situation; will I turn down my first choise (if I get acceptet, of course) or my second choise (but I really want to play more music, too!) to go to the US? I don’t know, I’m so frustrateeeed! Cause I want to do all of them!

BUT. Shall I check it out, then? The answer? I’ll get back to you.



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